About Us - please read

Spread Salaam

About Us - please read

Spread Salaam is a project that was born out of lockdown 2020 and the desire to express ourselves through design and creativity.  The concept is simple - make cool stuff and support charitable causes.  Salaam means 'Peace' in Arabic, so join us and let's 'spread salaam' together!

We donate a % of all of our profits to local and international charity projects.  So far we have donated to the following charities:

 - Leicester Peace Centre Food Bank
 - Northamptonshire Air Ambulance Service
 - The PCRF
 - Resole IC 
 - The Mix UK
 - Akhirah Team UK
 - Revokecic
 - Restore Northampton
-  DEC Turkey & Syria Appeal
-  We Are Liberty for Iran
-  Anera
-  Meca for Peace

Total money donated to charity (as of 12/02/24) - £10016.95

The boring but important stuff.

Our clothing items are custom made, so it will typically take 7-10 working days from the day you order to shipping out to you.  We are doing our best to keep these timings reasonable and if we can get it to you sooner then of course we will!

At this time, we are not accepting returns or exchanges so please check the size guide information which is in each of the product descriptions, but if you do have any specific issues regarding our products then please do get in touch.

Please double check your shipping address, email address and contact number before you place your order.  We are not responsible for any delayed orders or returned items.


We are a UK based project, therefore your purchases may be subject to customs duties in your home country.  Please be aware that any custom fees/duties are your responsibility, not ours.  Please include a contact number when making your order.

Please provide a PO Box Number and contact number, otherwise we cannot send your order.

We hope to add more products as we go along, but if you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see then let us know!


All orders made before Wednesday @12PM will be processed on Fridays/Weekends

Check us out on Instagram @spread.salaam - DM if you have any queries